Exercising During Pregnancy

We are honored to have an exercise expert guest post for us!  The below is Lucie’s post: Lucie Brand is a pregnancy and postnatal exercise specialist. She has been a fitness professional since 2006, working as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. She is a mum of

Our List of Renewable Resources

The United States Department of Energy has a list of renewable resources that everyone can benefit from. The most common ones on the list are already in use in many parts of the country. Before they will be available everywhere, however, much needs to be done in

How Does Solar Power Work?

How does solar power work? It’s easy to understand if you think of how a sponge absorbs water. Solar panels collect the sun and turn it into electricity. When the sun hits certain materials, such as silicon crystals they begin to shift creating an electric current. When

Where To Find Energy Efficient Home Plans

Energy efficient home plans are available to help property owners build homes that will save them money on their utilities while helping to conserve and reduce energy waste. Homes can be designed around basic energy saving concepts, but unless you know how energy is often lost or

My Guest Post On Apple Crumbles

As all of you probably know, I am VERY passionate about aqua aerobics….almost too passionate ;).  I was lucky enough to hook up with Joanne from Apple Crumbles.  She is so sweet and you should definitely check out her blog.  She let me guest post on her site

Teach Your Kids About Pet Care

Teaching your kids about pet care is important whether you have pets or not. Regardless of the type of pet you have, or plan on having, there are a few things that your kids to need to know about. Many parents think that teaching their children to

Helping Kids Deal With a Pet Loss

If you decide to include furry friends in your household, it is probable that you will be faced with the prospect of explaining their deaths to your children at some point. Many people are concerned that they will unnecessarily frighten their children if they simply tell the