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Active Tasty Life with Alexa Lampasona

I love aqua aerobics  I think that is pretty obvious considering I wrote a complete guide to it here. I was lucky enough to work with Alexa from Active Tasty Life on a post about aqua aerobics: What is Aqua Aerobics? Here’s How to Get Started. Please pop

Benefits of Early Morning Workouts

The following is a guest post from renowned fitness guru Cat Smiley.  Thanks Cat for sharing your ideas! Fitness experts have been promoting the benefits of early morning workouts since Richard Simmons started bouncing around in Lycra tights. Truth is, only you can decide if they are

My Ultimate Guide To Aqua Aerobics

This is a fun post to write (all 4,000 words of it) – sharing with all my readers about my wonderful experiences with aqua aerobics. I’ve already written several posts on aqua aerobics here and here, but I wanted to create an ultimate guide to encompass everything I

Keep Your Skin Beautiful Organically

The skin is a living tissue system that offers the body’s greatest protection from infection and the elements. Almost everything applied to the skin is partially absorbed into the bloodstream. Cosmetic ingredients can have long term effects on one’s health because of the combinations of chemicals that

Exercising During Pregnancy

We are honored to have an exercise expert guest post for us!  The below is Lucie’s post: Lucie Brand is a pregnancy and postnatal exercise specialist. She has been a fitness professional since 2006, working as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. She is a mum of