5 Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

February 12, 2014

5 Feng Shui Tips for Your HomeFeng Shui brings balance and strives to create a soothing, as well as inspiring atmosphere be establishing a natural flow of energy that moves freely throughout the space. Using eco-friendly cleaning products in addition to aligning a home’s energy using the principles of Feng shui can create an environment that is both relaxing and welcoming.

Embrace Water

Indoor water fountains that continuously recirculate water are soothing to look at and listen to. They enhance the look and feel of a room and blend well with Feng Shui principles. Water represents fluid movement and helps to direct the flow of energy within a room. Choose only fountains made of natural materials for use in Feng Shui inspired rooms. Water fountains are welcome additions to bedrooms or sitting areas where energy is needed for relaxation and clear thinking.


Clutter blocks the flow of energy and creates obstacles within a room. Clear away stacks of paper, boxes or other items that take up space and serve no purpose. Avoiding stashing items in corners or under furniture. Try and find a place for everything that is used on a regular basis and make sure each item is carefully put away when it is no longer need. This prevents clutter from building up and causing disruptions in the energy patterns of a room. If items do need to be stored, organize them carefully and arrange the boxes or totes so they do not obstruct the flow of energy in the room.

Soft Lighting

Feng Shui soft lightHarsh lighting is a distraction and is expensive to maintain. Soft lighting, such as that given off by candles is not only energy efficient, but relaxing as well. Eco-friendly candles do not contain toxic chemicals like their commercial counterparts. Those infused with natural essences also add mild aromas that can also add to the free flow of energy within a room. Natural lighting should be utilized as much as possible. Keep drapes and curtains open to allow in as much natural lighting as possible.

Wood Furniture

Including wood accents or furniture in a room promotes harmony. Sturdy, well built wood furniture is an excellent choice for individuals who prefer natural elements. Make sure furniture is positioned so energy can flow freely around, over and under it with no obstructions. Avoid storing items under furniture as this can block the flow of energy and create congestion. Pieces of drift wood can be placed around the room on end tables or shelves to establish a natural feel.


In Feng Shui, color is just as important as composition. Yellows, blues, greens and other earth tones can signify harmony with the environment and encourage social interaction. Avoid bright colors that contribute to excessive levels of contrast. Light blues and greens are thought to be relaxing, while pale yellow is considered to be engaging and good for rooms where socialization is encouraged. Choose natural fabrics for decorating. When paints are considered, opt for eco-friendly brands that minimize the use of toxic components such as volatile organic compounds.

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