5 Ways to Help the Kids to Avoid Accidents at the Pool

March 19, 2014

5 Ways to Help the Kids to Avoid Accidents at the PoolDuring the hot summer months, swimming is the activity of choice for adults and children alike. Keeping the kids safe is important and teaching them the rules of the pool is the main priority. There are several things parents and homeowners can do to reduce the risk of accidents in or around the pool area.

Keep Gates Locked and Ladders Up

Always keep fences and gates locked and ladders up. This prevents anyone from gaining access to the pool unless the owner is close by. Installing a high patio fence will also limit visibility and prevent unwanted intruders from seeing into a private back yard. Fences will also keep stray animals out of the pool area. If a fence is installed, it is also a good idea to post “No Trespassing” signs at regular intervals around the outside perimeter of the fence.

Flotation Devices and Life JacketsUse Flotation Devices and Life Jackets

Homeowners should always have life jackets and flotation devices on hand for each child that is allowed to enter the pool. Even children who are capable of swimming, should wear a life vest or have access to a flotation board or other device they can grab onto in case of an emergency. For children who have little experience in the water, a life jacket that can be securely tightened can be a true lifesaver if worn correctly.

Keep Safety Equipment Within Reach

First aid kits, shepherd’s crooks, back boards and thermal blankets are important pieces of safety equipment that should be kept in close proximity to the pool area. No matter how hard a person tries to prevent accidents, they can still occur. Being prepared for the worst, will ensure a person has everything they need if something minor occurs. Bandages, anti-bacterial ointment and basic first aid supplies are essential. It’s also a good precautionary measure for each adult who uses the pool to know rescue breathing and CPR.

Never Leave Children Unattended

The key to helping kids stay focused around the swimming pool is never leaving them to their own devices. When children are in the pool, they should be supervised at all times by an adult. For children who enjoy being in the water, they will quickly learn what they can and cannot do if a responsible adult is willing to teach them the rules. Constant supervision can not only prevent kids from taking too many chances, it is also beneficial if someone in the pool becomes fatigued or experiences cramping that limits their mobility.

drain coverMake Sure Drain and Filter Coverings Are Secure

The water in a swimming pool is constantly being circulated through a filtration system. As the water is sucked up into the system, other objects may come with it. Small children who are just learning to swim may not be able to keep themselves or their hands and feet from being sucked up into the drain or filter. To prevent this grates and covers can be purchased that fit securely over the openings, limiting what can be drawn into the system. It’s always a good idea to check each cover before children or pets are allowed into the pool.

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