Burn All the Calories with Aqua Zumba – How I Found my New Favorite Water Excercise

January 2, 2015

aqua zumba

If there is one thing I love, it’s the new and original! I’m sick and tired of the “same old” types of exercise, which is why I always look for something different to try.

Boy was I in for a surprise when I found out about aqua zumba - thanks to my friend Maria!

When I first tried out aqua aerobics (as I talked about here), I was certain it would be a bust. It looked a bit goofy, and I found it hard to believe that exercise in the water could be effective. How wrong I was.

Not only was it A LOT of fun, but it was also a lot more effective a form of exercise than I had believed it could be.

Read on to find out why YOU should consider aqua zumba as well…

What is Aqua Zumba?

Zumba is a popular workout that uses Latin dance moves (salsa, bachata, tango, merengue, etc.) to help you work out. You attend the classes, learn the basic Zumba routines, and then combine the movements for a fun, rhythmic workout.

As you learn more and more, the moves get harder and harder, and the tempo of the music is increased. By the time you’ve been attending Zumba classes for a few months, you’ve learned a lot of dance moves and you start to feel like a real Latin dancer!

Aqua Zumba is basically doing Zumba in the pool. You do all the same dance moves at the same tempo, but you have the water to slow you down and make it harder. By the time you finish your workout, you’re sweating and breathing hard, but feeling great.

Health Benefits of Aqua Zumba

aqua zumba

Aqua Zumba Calories Burned: If done right, you can easily burn upwards of 600 calories in a single hour. Not bad, right?

Here are some of the best benefits of doing aqua Zumba:

More fun

Dancing is one of the best ways to get in a cardio workout that you can actually enjoy, and who doesn’t love splashing around in the pool?

By combining the two–dance moves and pool fun–you get a killer workout that will have you laughing and enjoying yourself. The hour will fly by!

Reduced strain on your joints

 If you have joint problems (injuries, arthritis, recovering from a surgery, etc.), regular cardio workouts can be a bit hard on your ankles, knees, back, shoulders, and neck. You may not be able to run or jog like you once used to, so you have to find a new way to exercise.

In the pool, the water is holding up your weight, so there is far less strain on your joints. Aqua Zumba is a low impact exercise that will be easy on your joints, and you can give yourself a great workout without increasing your risk of injury.​

Increased resistance

 What is the best way to burn more calories? Turn up the intensity of the exercise or force your muscles to work harder! While you won’t pick up the pace in your Zumba class, the fact that there is water all around you causes your muscles to work harder to move in time with the music.

Even a simple “side to side” step will be a lot harder thanks to the fact that you have to push through the water, and the increased resistance will give you a much better workout.

You’ll find that every muscle in your body gets a great workout if you do Zumba in the pool.

Learn the dance moves easily

If you’re struggling with your rhythm and timing on land, you’ll find that doing Zumba in the pool will help you to learn the steps more easily. After all, you are forced to focus on each step and movement when doing it in the pool, and you feel the way your body moves.

It will help you identify the problem that is stopping you from dancing like a pro, and you’ll tighten up your movements and learn the dance moves more easily thanks to the fact that there is water all around you.

Treat joint pain 

Did you know that doing exercise in the water is actually one of the best ways to treat joint pain?

Studies have found that doing exercise in the water can help to reduce inflammation in the joints, as the hydrostatic pressure from the water acts like a massage.

It can help to prevent your joints from aching after a workout, and will even help you to deal with current joint pains

Is doing aqua Zumba harder than doing Zumba on land? Initially, it definitely is! You have to work harder to get through the workout, and it’s definitely much more difficult to learn new steps when you can’t see the instructor’s feet. You have to follow directions, and your muscles will be much more tired after doing the workout.

That being said, after a few classes, you’ll be as hooked as I am. I’ve been doing water aerobics like aqua zumba for some time now, and I feel great! Not only do I get to spend a lot of time splashing around in the water, but I leave my workout feeling like a million bucks.

You’ll find that working out in the water with exercises like water aerobics and aqua zumba may be your latest FUN way to get in shape!

With the number of aqua Zumba calories burned, you’ll find that it’s far more effective a workout than doing Zumba on land! Your muscles will be tired out much more effectively than with a regular Zumba workout, your joints will get a nice massage from the water, the pressure will be taken off your knees, hips, and ankles, and your body will feel great after the workout.

Aqua Zumba can be your new favorite way to work out, just like it has become mine!

Kaitlin Gardner

About the Author

Kaitlin Gardner

Kaitlin Gardner currently lives in Pennsylvania and is married to her best friend. In her spare time, she loves to go hiking , hand with her family and friend and enjoy nature.

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Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

I love Zumba but sometimes I find the impact so hard on my body. I’ve done aqua Zumba before and LOVED it. Thanks for the reminder… I’ll have to check out my local pool’s schedule and see if I can get in on a class/week.

Thanks for sharing.

Happy New Year!

Katie Jones

What is this new routine? I have been considering Zumba, and now I see that it has been mixed with being in the water, which I certainly love. I think this actually seems to be more around my alley as I usually struggle with the hard floor, but the water is great as it helps with your joints (as mentioned in your article). This would be great for me as a beginner!

    Kaitlin Gardner

    Definitely give a try!

Julie Kuestersteffen

Love, love Aqua zumba!

    Kaitlin Gardner

    Thanks for stopping by Julie – I LOVE it too 🙂

Laurel Van Dyke

Great article! I found it via a Pinterest rec. I have been doing Aqua Zumba for almost three years at my local YMCA. A lot of other forms of exercise are hard for me to do physically, but I love how much I can do in the water that I can’t do on land. Plus the Aqua Zumba music is great and the classes are so much fun! I would recommend it to anyone.

    Kaitlin Gardner

    Thanks Laurel….I’ve made some great friends through the classes that I take too!

Samantha Raynal

I joined a gym recently, and started on the floor like most people did. I knew they had aqua classes, but was afraid it would be nothing but old crippled people doing ultra slow moves. I have a few injuries that prevent me from completing many many normal exercises that other people can do without a thought. Two broken knees, a cracked pelvis and a spinal bruise from my years of motorcycle racing and horse events make doing even slow easy squats a pain in the ass. (literaly). I finaly got in the water at my gym to try a aqua workout. It wasnt yet Aqua Zumba but it was a trial. It was amazing fun, and yes, it was a slower workout, and yes there where alot of old people there. But there where younger people like myself who just cant make it on the floor, and a few people who just wanted to workout in the water. It was awkward at first yes. But I didnt hurt. At All. The next day they had an aqua Zumba class. I came in and tryed it. It was more upbeat, faster paced, but still loads of fun, and I DIDNT HURT. I did that for about 2 weeks, going to 4 classes between the aqua fit and the aqua zumba. I found out they had one day that the two classes where back to back. I didnt know if I could manage 2 hours straight, but I grit my teeth, (and a quick dash to the rest room between classes) I still felt amazing after, albeit a bit soar. But the good kind of sore. Not the “Oh I cant move my back and legs have gone Numb” Ive been doing it for a few weeks now, 3 days of one class, one day of 2. I feel amazing, I havent had a locked knee, or a spine spazem once. You still have to be aware of your body. Ive twisted my knee once and although it didnt swell or put me out of the game, I still knew I over did it that day. I love the Aqua classes, and recommend to anyone who wants to have fun, splish splash, and work out all at the same time. (we also have these foam weight thingies that we use under the water for an even better workout)


So…How can you do this in your own pool? Is there a cd? download to my kindle? I like it!!!


Tracie Sanderlin Aqua Zumba Instructor

Thank you for helping spread the word about Aqua Zumba! It’s an AMAZING workout. I’m concerned about your comment that you can’t see the instructors feet and have to follow directions? That shouldn’t be. The instructor should be ON DECK, not IN THE WATER. If the instructor is teaching from the water, he/she is NOT teaching according to their training. I’ve been licensed and teaching AZ for 6 years and have taken the training 3 times to keep my skills up to date. Please make sure that the instructor you are taking classes from has a valid Aqua Zumba license by checking them out on Zumba.com.

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