Can a Vacuum Sealer Reduce Stress?

April 29, 2015

If you were to ask somebody what are the benefits of a vacuum sealer, then they would probably turn around and say, “the preservation of food”.

In its simplest form, that statement is absolutely correct. Vacuum sealers are a handy kitchen appliance that allows you store and preserve foods in an airtight sealed bag. These bags are designed to be frozen most of the time – and so are great for storing leftover food.

But, how can vacuum sealing foods reduce stress?

If you’re a mother or a father, or even a single entrepreneur, just sit back and think of how many meals you cook on a daily basis. Now, multiply that by the 365 days of the year and it soon starts adding up. If you once again multiply by 75 (average lifespan), you’ll find that you will probably cook thousands, if not tens of thousands of meal throughout the course of your life.

Some of these meals will be a breeze to cook – such as the simple beans on toast. Other meals will put your culinary skills to the test – such as a 24-hour whole chicken covered in a delicious herb and mint marinade, slow cooked to perfection.

It is often these long and laborious meals that turn out to be the most delicious. And so will come the time when you find yourself throwing away leftovers. Perhaps you cooked too much, or perhaps you just had a small appetite that day – who knows?

The fact is, you may have spent up to 24-hours preparing and cooking a delicious dish, only to throw away what is going unused. That is a horrifying thought.

But, no worries. I’m here to tell you why using a vacuum sealer can reduce stress, improve your appetite for delicious food and even turn your family’s frowns into huge smiles!

3 Things to Consider When Using a Vacuum Sealer

  • Reduce stress levels through preserving delicious meals. Let’s face it – cooking meals sometimes feels like a chore. Through vacuum sealing our best meals, we can preserve them by freezing them for later use. Sometimes, you’ll often forget that you have a delicious beef stew in the freezer. Or, perhaps you sealed up that beautiful Lasagne you made last week. The point is, it feels absolutely beautiful to pull a delicious home cooked meal out of the freezer after a long day at work.
  • Justify the long cooking times. If you know you’re going to throw away food – then that often puts you off cooking meals that can take up to 24-hours. With a vacuum sealer on your side, this is no longer a worry. Simply seal the leftovers and preserve them for another day.
  • Buy in bulk and reduce your shopping bill. With access to a vacuum sealer, you’ll find that you’re able to buy foods in bulk and obtain a hefty discount for doing so. Once you have bought in bulk, simply vacuum seal the food and place it in the freezer. When it comes time to using the food – simply defrost and cook it as you normally would.

All in all, I’m a firm believer that vacuum sealers are a household necessity – not only for preserving food, but for reducing your household's stress levels too.

Already have a vacuum sealer?  I'd love to hear which model you own and why you bought that one.

Kaitlin Gardner

About the Author

Kaitlin Gardner

Kaitlin Gardner currently lives in Pennsylvania and is married to her best friend. In her spare time, she loves to go hiking , hand with her family and friend and enjoy nature.

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