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November 3, 2014

Hello to all of the followers of An Apple Per Day! I’m happy to be guest posting on Kaitlin’s blog today. I’m Julie and I blog at Home Is Where The Heart Is. Each day of the week I blog about a different category. On Wednesdays, I blog about anything about children and parenting.

Do your children love to play pretend? My girls, Katie and Sophia, definitely do. They love to play dress up, play in their kitchen, etc. I recently set up a little area in my girls’ room to play pretend as a little chef. The area consists of a Minnie Mouse kitchen, table and chairs from Ikea, and a 3 drawer storage container with their play food, cups, tea set, and food baskets. Katie and Sophia love to play in their play kitchen area practically every day.


My husband and I bought the Minnie Mouse kitchen for Katie and Sophia for Christmas. For Katie’s 3rd birthday about a week ago, we bought her a Barbie tea set and New Sprouts play food. The play food came in a 3 baskets – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Katie and Sophia love to place the tea set and play food on the table. They love to pour tea into a cup and pretend to drink out of the cup. My girls love to pretend to be a little chef and make creations with their new play food, such as sandwiches, cereal with lettuce and pineapple on top, milk with a cucumber on top, corn on the cob on top of a slice of bread, etc. Katie and Sophia love to pretend to eat the food and will even share with my husband and I.

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Katie and Sophia have so many possibilities of pretend play in this kitchen area. They can have tea parties with snacks, create meals, cook/bake in the kitchen, etc.

What do you think of this play kitchen area in my girls’ room? If your children love to play with food, tea sets, or kitchens, I know they would love this play area.

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