Tips On Choosing The Best Ice Cream Maker For Your Kitchen

June 7, 2016

While there are excellent recipes for no-churn ice creams out there, if you wish to make home-made ice cream several times a year, you may probably want to consider investing in an ice cream maker. This is a machine that will not only help you make ice cream quickly, but it will also ensure that you consistently turn out a product that is creamy, smooth, and good enough to compete with store-bought varieties. There are various types of ice cream makers available in the market, all at different prices, and there is something to fit every taste and preference.

When selecting an ice cream maker, there are several factors to consider, including how often you make (or intend to make) ice cream, how much storage space you have, and how much money you wish to spend.

Least expensive ice cream machines

These are ideal for making ice cream if you only need to use them occasionally as they tend not to churn the ice cream as long or freeze it as firmly as other ice cream makers. Examples include hand-churned machines and inexpensive electric machines. They usually get the job done and do not take up much space in the kitchen. Moreover, with a hand-churned machine, you can put the children to work churning, thereby making it more fun as it encourages you and your kids to get out and play with it. Available machines in this category include the Freeze Ball and YayLabs Play which retail anywhere between $25 and $30 depending on size.

Mid-range ice cream makers

These are often electric machines with a frozen canister where one can pour their ice cream base into. However, they require prior planning since canisters need to be pre-frozen for about 24 hours before use. Mid-range ice cream makers make good ice cream, although they can only be used for one batch at a time. Therefore, if you see yourself making ice cream regularly, this is a solid machine worth investing in. With a $56 price tag, the Cuisinart Ice-21 Ice Cream Maker is a terrific machine in this category.

High end ice cream makers

Characterized by internal compressors, these can be quite expensive but are great for those who plan on making lots of ice cream. High end ice cream makers do not require pre-freezing and can churn out batch after batch with their disadvantage being that they are bulky and need a lot of storage space. If you have a big appetite for ice cream and especially home-made ice cream, then a high end ice cream maker such as the $299 Cuisinart Ice-100 model should serve you extremely well.


Mid-range electric canister ice cream makers are, arguably, the most versatile for most people and this is where avid ice cream makers should start shopping. There are other ice cream makers in the above stated categories, so you can pick one that suits your budget and needs and you will soon be churning out home-made ice cream in no time.

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