Where To Find Energy Efficient Home Plans

June 10, 2014

Where To Find Energy Efficient Home PlansEnergy efficient home plans are available to help property owners build homes that will save them money on their utilities while helping to conserve and reduce energy waste. Homes can be designed around basic energy saving concepts, but unless you know how energy is often lost or what materials to use to maximize energy efficiency, you may not be able to adequately accomplish your goals.

Local Builders

If you want to build an energy efficient home, the first place to go is a local builder. They can show you homes that are energy efficient for your particular area. Homes built in Florida must take into account the high temperatures in the summer, while homes built in the northern states have to be built to accommodate harsh, cold winters.

A local builder will also be able to help you choose materials that will enhance a home’s energy saving features. Depending on where the home will be located, certain materials will be easier to obtain than others. Builders who are local to the area will also know if there are any city, state or federal building codes that must be adhered to for that specific location.

Building Supply Stores

If you are planning to make renovations and want to do the majority of the work yourself, you can visit any building supply store to find out what type of plans they may have. If you are capable of doing the work yourself, this is ideal. You can choose the type of materials you want to use and will be able to make the changes you want to make.

When you visit a building supply store, you can talk to associates about what types of materials are best suited for each job. You can also learn tricks to help reduce energy loss in existing homes. Taking a few minutes to rebuild or repair small areas that result in energy loss can save you money in the long run. The same is true for building a new home. Doing your research and taking things one step at a time will help you learn the right way to do things so that the new home is as energy efficient as possible.

United States Department of Energy

US-DeptOfEnergy-Seal.svgThe United States Department of Energy has a wealth of information when it comes to building, renovating or remodeling energy efficient homes. The Energy Star program was created to help rate appliances, HVAC units, insulation and other building materials for overall energy efficiency. When you build a new home, part of the package is putting the most energy efficient appliances possible.

The Energy.gov website includes and abundance of helpful information on not only the Energy Star program, but other aspects of the home building process as well. There are sections concerning what type of heating and cooling system works best in different types of homes. Maintenance tips are offered so you can make sure the unit is working efficiently at all times.

Choosing the right windows and doors is also key when it comes to making sure a home is energy efficient. They are the movable barriers between inside and outside. If they aren’t sealed properly they will most likely be the cause of the majority of a home’s energy loss. Windows that are well positioned will maximize natural lighting, saving on the amount of energy needed to keep a home well lit.

Alternative Energy Sources

Solar, wind and water power are becoming popular energy resources in certain areas of the country. Building a windmill or adding solar panels to a home can reduce the amount of energy purchased from utility companies. Homes that are designed to accommodate alternative energy sources are now being looked at more frequently than conventionally built homes. The use of alternative energy sources is creating homes with an entirely new look. Many have larger windows and are made of sturdier materials like brick and stucco.

In some areas, local utility companies are suggesting homeowners look into solar panels or tap into renewable resources such as electricity produced from wind and water. With the federal government offering tax incentives for various improvements designed to make a home more energy efficient, many people are choosing to do whatever it takes to bring their existing properties up to speed.

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